Board of reviewers

  • Elena Apostolaki (University of Cologne)
    Contemporary TV outlaws, libertarianism, TV series
  • Daniel Bustillo (Instituto Franklin–UAH)
    Early American history and international relations
  • Ashley Carranza (College of Southern Nevada)
    American film, Stephen King Studies, horror
  • Chloe Carroll (University of Limerick)
    Screen studies, gender and feminism, monsters and the monstrous
  • Sara Crouch (University of Sydney)
    Disability studies, skin studies, crime fiction, digital texts
  • Monalesia Earle
    Queer theory, feminist and gender studies, and graphic narratives
  • Jana Fedtke (American University of Sharjah)
    Technological innovation in literature, medical humanities, bioethics, transnational literatures
  • Lauren Gilmore (Eastern Washington University)
    Digitality, new media, horror
  • Sara González (University of Santiago de Compostela)
    Fantasy fiction, feminist and gender studies, fan culture, contemporary digital fictions
  • Eduardo González de la Fuente (GREGAL-Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
    Martial arts, early boxing literature, US-Japan cultural circulation
  • Erin Hallenbeck
    Gender and sexuality studies, queer theory, contemporary political theory, cultural and media studies
  • Laura Hughes
    Museum Representation, Decolonial Studies
  • Maria Katsaridou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
    Animation, video games, interactive storytelling
  • Dolores Resano (UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies)
    Contemporary American literature, American fiction in the era of Trump
  • Fe Lorraine Reyes (Montclair State University)
    Feminist theory and gender studies, postmodern literature, poststructuralism, and film/television
  • Harriet Stilley
    Masculinity, Asian American studies, crime fiction
  • Adriano Tedde (Griffith University)
    History of US poverty, US independent cinema, intellectual history
  • Erika Tiburcio Moreno (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
    Horror studies, Cultural History and Intersectionality
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