Associate editors

Mónica Fernández
Areas: Caribbean diaspora in North America
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PhD candidate in English Studies @ Universidad de Valladolid.
BA in English Studies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, MA cum laude in Literary Studies at Leiden University. I’m working within the research project A Critical History of Ethnic American Literature: An Intercultural Approach and the European project HOSTFILM: Hospitality in European Cinema. My research is centered on the aesthetics of the cultural productions of non-hegemonic groups, especially Caribbean writers in a transnational context. Exploring these aesthetics I’ve published articles dealing with the poetry of Derek Walcott and the prose of Junot Díaz. I’ve also participated and organized many international multidisciplinary conferences and cinema seminars within academic and non-academic circles.

Laura Álvarez Trigo
Areas: Popular media and audiovisual culture, feminism

PhD candidate in American Studies @ Instituto Franklin–UAH.
BA in Communication, MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, MA in Teaching, and postgraduate qualification as Gender Equality Promoter. I am currently a PhD candidate in American Studies at Instituto Franklin–UAH and I am writing my thesis on the connection between Media Theory and Don DeLillo. My research interests focus on postmodernist American Literature, Media Theory, Feminism and Fan Culture.

Dolores Resano
Areas: American fiction in the era of Trump

Postdoctoral fellow @ UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies.
BA in English Philology (2009), MA in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities (2011) and PhD cum laude on the same (2017), all at Universitat de Barcelona. My current research deals with American literary fiction in the era of Trump, following from my broader interest in contemporary American literature and culture and the intersections with politics and public discourse. My dissertation also dealt with these intersections in the post-9/11 years of the Bush administration, Of Heroes and Victims: Jess Walter’s The Zero and the Satirical Post-9/11 Novel (International Mention and UB Extraordinary Award 2017).

Phil Hobbins-White
Areas: Film festival studies, horror films

Film Studies teacher and freelance film and television writer. My MA in Film (Birbeck, University of London, 2016) dissertation focused on film festivals and independent filmmaking. My MA in Media (Institute of Education, University of London, 2011) dissertation focused on gender in contemporary horror films. My other main research interests include post-9/11 U.S. war films, feminist cinema, documentary, and debates around film exhibition.

Emmalouise St. Amand
Areas: American popular music

PhD candidate @ Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.
BM in Vocal Performance and Music Education, MM in Vocal Performance. Currently a PhD student in Musicology at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. My research interests include American popular music in the twentieth century, music, labor, and capitalism, and issues of gender and the body. I also have a special interest in music considered tacky, trashy, or over-the-top. In addition to my academic work, I am an active performer and voice teacher.

Noelia Gregorio
Areas: Latino culture in the U.S. and Transnational Cinema

Adjunct professor @ Universidad Internacional de Valencia.
BA in Spanish Studies, BA in English Studies and BA in Music Performance (Violin) at University of Alicante. MA and PhD cum laude in American Studies (2017, UAH Extraordinary Award) at Instituto Franklin–UAH. My research delves into the transnational dimension of Latinidad in the U.S. culture, especially in a cinematic context. My dissertation and published articles deal with contemporary Chicano cinema and the work of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. Currently, I am working within the research project Lengua inglesa en las artes escénicas (LIES) carried out at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Alicante (CSDA). I am the author of Latinos en Hollywood: ¿Evolución o Revolución? 1992-2012 (2012) and the recently published book Una mirada al cine chicano: Robert Rodriguez en la era transnacional (2020).

J. Jesse Ramírez
Areas: Speculative fiction, racial identity

Assistant professor @ University of St. Gallen.
BA in English (Santa Clara University, CA), MA&MPhil and PhD in American Studies (Yale University). My most recent works delve into ethnicity in science fiction, automation myths, and apocalyptic science fiction in relation with American culture. My main research interests focus on the cultural life of speculation: utopian, dystopian, and apocalyptic popular culture, narratives of the future of technology and work, fantasies of racial identity, and critical theory.


Assistant editors

Marica Orrù
Coordinator of the News section and superhero tasks

MA in Publishing and Journalism @ Università degli Studi di Verona.
BA in Languages and Cultures for Publishing (languages of expertise English and Spanish). My first thesis work dealt with film transposition and the intersemiotic translation of book elements into tools for the new media. More recently, I’ve been delving into artist Leo Lionni’s biography and extensive work, with specific attention to his graphic design aimed at journal publishing and illustrated books for children. My main research interests focus on: American popular culture and its representation through cinema, TV series and music; the construction of US heroic figures, especially related to the superhero genre in film and comics; editorial currents in the international market.

Riccardo Zappaterra
Coordinator of the News section and fashionable tasks

MA candidate in Languages and Cultures for International Cooperation @ Università degli Studi di Milano.
BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (languages of expertise English and Spanish). My first thesis work dealt with the representation of indigenous women in Mexican cinema, analyzing the evolution of related stereotypes from the Época de Oro to the award-winning film Roma (2019). For the past two years I’ve served as assistant in academic editorial processes, for both OJS journal publication and independent publishing. My main research interests focus on: American popular culture and its representation through cinema and TV series; the culture of fashion and its articulation through media; pop products and the fashion editorial process.