SPECIAL ISSUE | Performing the Blues: Illuminating How Color Schemes Relate to Detention, Gender, and Migration in Superstore and The Infiltrators

Author: Edward Chamberlain University of Washington Tacoma Download PDF version   In November 2015, the television sitcom Superstore debuted on the NBC network and quickly gained popularity, running for six seasons until March 2021. Showcasing the talented actress America Ferrera,...

SPECIAL ISSUE | Color, Horror, and the Uncanny: Ari Aster’s Use of Color in Midsommar

Author: Felicia Cosey Jackson State University Download PDF version Horror filmmakers capitalize on the inevitable fear and dread that darkness elicits, from Alien’s (Scott 1979) Ripley walking down dark spaceship corridors to evade the monster, to Us’ (Peele 2019) Adelaide/Red...

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