AM Marini

Anna Marta Marini – Chief Editor /
Twitter ResearchGate

Areas of expertise: violence-related CDA, US–Mexico borderlands, Mexican American heritage

PhD fellow @ Instituto Franklin–UAH.
MA and BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (specializing in Anglo and Hispanic American Cultures, focusing on Mexican Studies), 2nd level postgraduate MA in Public History. My PhD thesis work at the Instituto Franklin–UAH (realized in collaboration with the CISAN–UNAM) explores the popular culture representations of border crossing and otherness bridging the US–Mexico boundary.
My main research interests are: discursive and cultural representation of the US–Mexico borderlands and Mexican American heritage; CDA related to violence (either direct, structural, or cultural) and discrimination; identity re/construction and narration through cinema and comics related to minorities, as well as otherness in horror, noir, and (weird) western genres.

PopMeC section: comics and graphic narratives

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