Advisory Board

Julio Cañero
Vice President for International Relations @ UAH
Researcher @ Instituto Franklin–UAH

BA in Philosophy and Literature (1993) and PhD in English Philology (1998) at the Universidad de Alcalá. He has been visiting scholar at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1996, 1999, 2014) and at the University of Limerick (2003). He has directed, coordinated, or participated in several research projects. Author of the book Literatura Chicana: La experiencia colonial interna en las obras de Rudolfo Anaya (2017), he has published articles in renowned national and international journals, as well as chapters of books on US politics and society, literature, and culture. He is member of the educational innovation group FYES, treasurer of the American Studies Network, board member of HispaUSA, elected member of the Claustro (2015) and of the Consejo de Gobierno de la Universidad de Alcalá. His research areas are Culture and Political Organization of the United States. He is the coordinator of recently established research group American Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies @ UAH. At the Instituto Franklin–UAH, he has been Deputy Director and Academic Secretary, as well as Director (2013-2019); currently, he is Vice President for International Relations of the Universidad de Alcalá.

Kiko Sáez de Adana
Director @ Instituto Franklin–UAH
Full Professor @ UAH

BA and PhD in Telecommunications Engineering at the Universidad de Cantabria, PhD in Communication at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (2019) with a thesis on the reception of Milton Caniff’s work in the US. Aside from a fruitful career in the field of engineering (publishing over 30 articles in international journals, a book and three chapters of books, as well as participating in 64 international conferences and 31 Spanish conferences and more than 50 research projects), he’s an active scholar in the field of comics studies and American popular culture, focusing on the study and analysis of comics as means of expression. He has published several book chapters and articles in national and international journals, he has given international talks and presentations, and he has been coordinating a summer school on comics studies @ UAH since 2014. Recipient of the 2013 Benjamin Franklin scholarship with the project El reflejo de la sociedad norteamericana y de la Guerra Civil española a través de Milton Caniff (@ Ohio State University, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum). He was the previous Vice Director of the Instituto Franklin–UAH and he is its current Director.

Elena Errico
Associate professor @ Università degli Studi di Genova

MA in Conference Interpreting (English and Spanish) at the Università di Bologna (1998), PhD in Comparative Languages and Cultures at the Università di Modena (2008) with a dissertation on the influence of English on the grammar of Gibraltarian Spanish. Her main research interests are: translation of linguistic variation in bilingual literary texts (chiefly Chicano literature written in Spanish); conference and specialized languages interpreting; sociolinguistics related to language contact between English and Spanish. Recipient of the 2019 Margaret Fuller research grant with the project Traducir el barrio: las dos versiones en inglés de Caras viejas y Vino nuevo de A. Morales @ Instituto Franklin–UAH.


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