CFP: Asian American Solidarities in the Age of Covid-19, USSO/BAAS

We’re glad to share the call for papers handled by our associate editor Harriet Stilley for the new series of posts Asian American Solidarities in the Age of Covid-19, powered by US Studies Online and dedicated to ECRs and postgrad students.
Specifically, this series will explore the various ways in which familiar assimilationist paradigms of Asian American identity formation, such as the perceived success of Asian Americans, are persistently utilised as a means to pit communities of colour against one another; and how the coronavirus pandemic (in line with previous national crises) reveals the gaps in a white supremacist system as Asians, like other people of colour, have become the targets of hate and violence. We are asking for submissions that analyse the Asian American experience through an interdisciplinary range of discourses from the 19th century to the present day, and particularly welcome works that emphasise an intersectional perspective that moves beyond the Asian American community itself to promote a better understanding of how it interacts with greater American society. In doing so, this special series seeks to not only make Asian American culture more accessible to a broader public, but to bring new perspectives to the American experience by comprehensively showcasing how Asian Americans have worked and continue to work in partnership with other minorities to dismantle historic structural racism through creative community resilience.

The deadline to send 250 words abstract proposals is November 2, 2021. Contributions (1200 words excluding bibliography) will be due by late December, 2021.

Check the full cfp out!

For further information, you can write directly to the Harriet Stilley at

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