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Getting prepared to begin a new year, as chief editor I’m thrilled to launch the first entry of this blog. In December 2019, PopMeC was born as an academic space where any scholar—and yet, in particular, PhD candidates and postdocs in American Studies—could share research on representation related with the US and their society. Delving into the analysis of popular culture and multimodal cultural expressions, our interest will cover such means as film, comics and graphic novels, TV and web series, videogames, music, and whatnot.
Based in the Instituto Franklin–UAH, PopMeC is meant to be the naughty brainchild of those Franklin-ers who work on US popular media and culture. We look for fruitful collaboration, academic enjoyment, productive debate, sparkly approaches, and silly ideas that turn into brilliant ideas.
Looking forward to work together and foster a stimulating, interactive environment, we wish our (future) readers a great end of the year… and we’ll be back in 2020 to start off our research adventure!
Featured image source: Barrier, by Vaughan, Martin, and Vicente (check it out @ Panel Syndicate)


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Anna Marta Marini

PhD fellow in North American Studies @ Instituto Franklin–UAH. My main research interests are: CDA related to direct/structural/cultural violence; discursive and cultural representation of the US borderlands and Mexican American heritage; identity re/construction and narration through cinema and comics, especially related to minorities as well as otherness in gothic, horror, and (weird)western genres.

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